Some say it was in a train, others at a comedy club, there are even rumours that it happened in a mathematics themed dungeon, cruel 4 dimensional torture devices, jostling for room in fractal cells...

Wherever it happened, in conversation one day Matt Parker and James Grime changed the world. No more would we have to wait for a whole year to go by between our celebrations of life. After all a year is a completely arbitrary unit based solely on the physics of our solar system. No, our birthdays should be linked into the heart of reality, something that remains the same in all possible universes:

The prime numbers!

Not only would you have the mathematical joy of calculating when the next birthday might come, until you got incredibly old you would not have to wait very long. An immediate devotee to this new way of thinking Edmund Harriss put together this page to show the world the wonders of prime birthdays. With the help of Dan Hagon, who wrote the original php code. Join the mathematical army, spread the word of the wonders of the primes and INSIST that everyone gives you presents on every one!

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